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Healthy Lifestyle To Prevent Diabetes mellitus

This time we will discuss about the dangerous and deadly diseases namely diabetes melitus.penyakit diabetes mellitus is one type of disease is very dangerous and can be life threatening. In Indonesia is a country that has enormous potential suffering from this disease. At the beginning of diabetes can only be encountered in developed countries such as is the United States. However, due to lifestyle changes immediately makes some developing one Indinesia countries also have a very high risk of disease diebetes mellitus. Actually two types of diabetes have potentially experienced by all those who have problems in the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. This problem is not only experienced by adults only, but can also be experienced by children are often found since birth with diabetes. As for type 2 diabetes are often found in adults, namely diabetes mellitus.

Many cases of this disease is very rare in knowing if you have diabetes. There was also underestimate symptoms appear, thus making this disease becomes difficult to prevent. If you do not want to experience diabetes mellitus should be avoided  for those who have a greater potential. Here there are people who have a greater potential to experience diabetes mellitus, among others:
  1. For those who coined the excessive weight or obesity
  2. People who have a genetic or family history of diabetes
  3. People who have had a history of cholesterol disease, stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure
  4. People who suffer from insulin resistance or the body's inability to produce insulin.
  5. That some people have a greater potential to experience diabetes mellitus. The first step to avoid should always regularly check their sugar levels because this can be a very good prevention. The normal sugar content is about 70-100 mg. You also perluuntuk maintain your lifestyle. The following is a healthy lifestyle to prevent diabetes mellitus, which are as follows !!!

This is a Healthy Lifestyle To Prevent Diabetes Mellitus

Quit smoking
For those of you who have the habit of smoking, would be much better if it can be stopped for a smoke. This is because smoking can lead to diabetes caused nekotin content contained in the respiratory tract which is then taken by
blood. Blood is what will destroy the system of insulin in the pancreas so that diabetes risk is higher.

Avoid Eating Food and Drink Sweet
Food and drinks containing sugar and other sweetening matter can increase the risk of diabetes. Although the food and sugary drinks is necessary for the body as a source of energy in the body but try not to overdo it because it can be bad for health.

Doing Sports Routinely
Excessive weight one of the things that can trigger the occurrence of diabetes mellitus. So that's why we recommend to lose weight by exercising regularly. With very good exercise to help burn calories and can indeed reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus.

Now that's an explanation of the lifestyle to prevent diabetes mellitus that you can do. 
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